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Explore this Amazing Bird and Its Message

The story of the passenger pigeon is unlike that of any other bird. With a likely population between 3 and 5 billion, it was the most abundant bird in North America and probably the world. Yet human exploitation drove this species to extinction over the course of a few decades.
2014 was the centenary of this extraordinary extinction. Project Passenger Pigeon (P3) came into being to mark this anniversary and promote the conservation of species and habitat, strengthen the relationship between people and nature, and foster the sustainable use of natural resources. The project engaged a broad audience through a documentary film, a new book on passenger pigeons, this website, social media, curricula, and a wide range of exhibits and programming for people of all ages.

Looking to the future, P3 still has a valuable role to play in at least two ways: by providing an historical view on species conservation and by continuing to foster the work of artists (of all media) that deal with conservation. A myriad of species are currently suffering declines due to a host of human-caused activities: the story of the passenger pigeon remains a powerful cautionary tale that even the most abundant of species is not immune from potential extinction. By remembering the stories of the passenger pigeon and other lost species and then tying those lessons to modern-day issues, Project Passenger Pigeon seeks to strengthen the relationship between people and the rest of nature and show how each of us can live more sustainably within the Earth’s limited natural resources.

Explore this site for more information about these amazing birds, the broader themes of Project Passenger Pigeon, upcoming project activities, and ways you can participate. We will be utilizing social media to a large extent as we move forward so please check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds below the map for P3 related news.

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