Using Calendar

Passenger Pigeon Logo Click the word, ‘Events’, in the menu above to see the calendar – it will show the current month. Use the arrows on each side of the month to go into the future or into the past. Click ‘Home’ to return to this page.

Use the Search feature to find your state’s events (use full state/province name) or an event category. Categories are:

Art Exhibit
Book Signing
Family Learning Event
Nature Walk
Natural History Exhibit
Public Art
Public Radio

Upcoming events are listed on the right-hand side.

When finished with the calendar, just close this browser window. To inform us of events please send an e-mail to: Use the downloadable Excel spreadsheet template to provide all necessary details for the venue of the event and all details. Click the following link to download that template:
This file will be saved wherever you send your browser downloads. When you have filled in the template send it to the email address listed above.