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Passenger Pigeons: Gone Forever

AUTHOR: Vic Eichler, PhD
(Previous books include Morel Mushrooms in Michigan And Other Great Lakes States)

      Passenger Pigeons: Gone Forever (2013) - Front Cover           Passenger Pigeons: Gone Forever (2013) - Back Cover
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PUBLISHER: Shantimira Press
ISBN: 978-0-97-036208-7

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This 32-page children's book tells the saga of the passenger pigeon from the times of its great abundance to the death of the last individual in 1914. The author sees the continuing relevance of this species: “This book discusses the importance of biodiversity on the planet and explores the lessons of the past as we look to the future and face the continued loss of threatened and endangered species of plants and animals around the world.”
Dr. Eichler is a retired university professor of Biological Sciences who has studied birds in the field and the laboratory throughout his life.