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Brian "Fox" Ellis

Since 1980 Brian "Fox" Ellis has been touring the world as a performer and educator. Fox writes:

“My goal is to inspire folks to awaken to a deeper understanding of who they are within their relationship to human history and the natural world around them.
I hope to evoke the storyteller within you. Storytelling Performances are always entertaining, but offer something more, an opportunity to breathe together, laugh, and touch life more deeply.”

Every program is specifically designed for each audience in accordance with interests, age, grade level, and background. Most programs include songs, poetry, audience participation, and a variety of humorous, adventurous, and touching stories. Shows can vary in length from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the setting.

With a repertoire of more than 400 stories that draw from an array of cultures and themes, plus an eagerness to learn more, Fox makes every effort to design each presentation to meet the needs of each individual host. One of his hallmark roles is as John James Audubon, whose observations on the passenger pigeons are some of the most powerful ever written.

Contact Fox through his website or
at 309-689-8000.

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