Project Passenger Pigeon

Lessons from the Past for a Sustainable Future

Rennie and Bret Sparks, The Handsome Family, write and sing emotion-laden songs about passenger pigeons and other manifestations of nature’s mysterious beauty.

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The Handsome Family
Rennie and Bret Sparks

Since the 1990s, The Handsome Family (husband and wife team Rennie and Bret Sparks) have been writing “songs that seek to reconnect with the incantations whispered beneath sacred oaks in the ancient forests.”

Their remarkable work “Passenger Pigeons,” which is in their 2001 album Twilight, is a historically accurate account of the species that serves as a poignant metaphor for lost love. Many artists have covered their songs and they have appeared in several movies including I’m Your Man (2005), a tribute to Leonard Cohen.

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