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Speakers Bureau: Tennessee

Contacting P3 Project Speakers

The assembled group of experienced presenters are experts in various aspects of Project Passenger Pigeon and species sustainablity subjects. The links provide their background and contact information. They should be contacted directly with further questions and to make the necessary arrangements, including those involving expenses and honoraria.


Paul James, Executive Director,
Ijams Nature Center,
2915 Island Home Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37920

Paul has a strong interest in historical and natural history, with a particular focus on passenger pigeons. He is the author of Images of America: Ijams Nature Center (Arcadia Publishers, 2010).

“Putting the Pigeon Back in Pigeon Forge” or
“Tales of the Extinct Passenger Pigeon”

The talk emphasizes the natural history of the extinct passenger pigeon, historical records within Tennessee, and a look at other lost species including the ivory-billed woodpecker, Carolina parakeet, Great Auk, etc. Accompanied by Powerpoint presentation 40-50 photographs, illustrations, and maps documenting early records and pioneering naturalist accounts (Wilson, Audubon, etc.), migrations, nesting sites, population decline, late sightings, Martha - the last passenger pigeons, State of Tennessee records, H.P. Ijams’ pigeon, other lost species. Suggestions are also offered so that audience members can become involved with local conservation efforts to appreciate and protect wildlife today.

Distance willing to travel:
Within Knoxville/Knox County area or honorarium to cover travel expenses up to 100 miles beyond Knoxville. Please call to discuss.

Contact Paul at 865-577-4717 (ext. 118) or

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