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The assembled group of experienced presenters are experts in various aspects of Project Passenger Pigeon and species sustainablity subjects. The links provide their background and contact information. They should be contacted directly with further questions and to make the necessary arrangements, including those involving expenses and honoraria.


Sherrida (Sherri) Woodley, Novelist

Sherrida Woodley began research on the passenger pigeon in order to incorporate it into a novel she was beginning to write in 2005 and completed three years later (Quick Fall of Light/Gray Dog Press--2010). During this time, she continued to draw on various components of the historic passenger pigeon (and various other pigeons) in order to depict the species in a light both stunning and grounded in a novel's reality. As a writer, she longed to see the passenger pigeon once again, so she brought it back from extinction and gave it a strong presence in saving mankind from a modern-day bird flu pandemic. She is also an instrument-rated pilot, which certainly contributed to the overall understanding of long flight. She does include a PowerPoint display of the bird and key people involved, such as Audubon and Chief Pokagon.

Distance willing to travel:
Would consider travel within WA, ID, MT. OR, and perhaps northern CA.

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