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The assembled group of experienced presenters are experts in various aspects of Project Passenger Pigeon and species sustainablity subjects. The links provide their background and contact information. They should be contacted directly with further questions and to make the necessary arrangements, including those involving expenses and honoraria.


Jim Krakowski

Name and title of talk: Passenger Pigeon: “A Story of Abundance and Great Loss”

Jim has worked as a Refuge Manager for the National Wildlife Refuge System for 30 years; including 5 NWR complexes and 2 refuges in Florida and Hawaii specifically created for endangered species. He ended his career in the FWS Albuquerque Regional Office as Chief of Resource Management and Visitor Services for the 45 NWRs of the southwest. He now spends his spare time volunteering at refuges, bird watching, and giving programs about wildlife and the importance of preserving our natural systems.

Jim’s presentation covers passenger pigeon life history, extinction, with quotes from Audubon, Aldo Leopold and others. With a concluding message of conservation.

Distance willing to travel: May – October: Anywhere in Wisconsin; November – April: Anywhere in Florida. Would expect reimbursement for travel expenses.

Contact Jim Krakowski at 239-776-5279 and

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