From Billions to None
A Film on the Important Message of
the Passenger Pigeon's Flight to Extinction

100 year-old passenger pigeon specimens are photographed for feather texture mapping.

After feathers are added to the wire frame, this female will be added to a million-bird flock.


Once Abundant— Now Forgotten

This award-winning film follows author Joel Greenberg as he reveals the compelling story of the passenger pigeon extinction, and the striking relevance of the bird's demise to conservation issues today. Using stunning CGI animation, From Billions to None recreates the glory of passenger pigeons in flight as well as the ways in which our 19th century ancestors destroyed them all. The film highlights the important lessons of the past as well as the immediate challenges species face, but offers a message of hope. We can learn from past mistakes.
Available for home use, public screenings and educational use.

From Billions to None Film   DVD contains one-hour film and behind-the-scenes videos, deleted scene and short film extras: "A Special Specimen," "Prairie Tours with Joel," and "From Chikagou to Chicago."

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From Billions to None